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Testimonials from our Satisfied Moving Customers

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As you can read here and on the web reviews, Safeway Moving and Storage is one of the best movers in Orange County when it comes to customer satisfaction and the quality of moving services you will receive.

Here's what some of our customers have to say about us:

" 5 Star service, employees and caring owner! Love them! They are the only moving company I've ever tried and used twice in less than a year. I checked the reviews, found nothing out of sorts and gave them a call. Reasonable fees and very fast service. I used them in Dec. 2014 and Aug. 2015. I'll be using them again in Aug. 2016 and again and again. I'm trying to buy a house and will definitely have them on the list to call. They are fun and make moving far less than the chore it is. They didn't break or damage anything, didn't hold my stuff hostage and take care to make sure your fine pieces (or junk if that's what you have) are well cared for, packed securely and damage free when they arrive at their destination. I have a lot of choice expensive pieces I typically move in my personal "moving van" i.e. my car, that I never let anyone touch. I trusted them with those pieces and all I have to say is GREAT JOB KEN and HECTOR!!! Looking forward to working with this company again! They are my moving company for life. Trust me the reviews you're reading are no joke. This company truly is THAT good! As much as I hate moving, if I have them to move me then I'm OK. I know exactly what to expect and these guys truly know their stuff and are very organized. I have zero complaints and lots of good things to say. For my first time using a moving company in 30 years of moving my own crap I have to say they make me wipe sweat off of my brow by not using other moving companies. I called some but they never called me back. I'm told that is common. Makes me wonder how those companies remain in business with poor quality service. Safeway is eager to have your business, earn your trust and treat you like family! You WILL get a call back and a quote via email! Trust them because you'll be in good hands folks!! Love you guys and looking forward to the move in Aug. 2016 just not sure where as of yet! :-)"

Y W.

" THANK YOU Safe-Way Moving for making a hard task of moving an enjoyable experience. We were lucky to meet and have Ken and Alex as our movers. They couldn't be nicer or more pleasant to work with. Even with the heat wave we are experiencing, they worked hard, efficient, and all with smiles on their faces. With so many business not caring about customer service these days, it's refreshing to see your company still does. Kudos to you!! Thank you again!"

Debby S.

" I got several quotes for my local move with Safe-Way being the lowest. After the number of positive reviews on Yelp and talking to Roy I decided to go with them. I was moving from a downstairs unit to an upstairs unit. Extremely pleased with my decision. Move was done quickly and nothing was damaged. Both movers were on-time positive and upbeat all day. Fragile items were wrapped in plastic and blankets. Would definitely recommend them and will use them again. "

Tedd C.

" This company has their act together, from begining to end we were treated with efficiency and flexibility. Was truly impressed and I highly recommend them. Cheers!"

Marie L.

" OK, so let me start by saying that I am a real person, that really used these guys. I am not affiliated with them in any way. The only reason I started this way is because I am going to give them such a stellar review that people may think it is fake...IT IS NOT!! My family and I were preparing to move, so I went online and searched for local moving companies. The real motivation for using a moving company was to move my wife's curio cabinet. Our furniture is not the best, but it is also not cheap and her cabinet actually cost $1500 and it is very delicate, with a lot of glass and mirrors. There was no way that I was even gonna try to move it, which is why I called around for movers. Because of hourly minimums, we decided to go ahead and use them to move the majority of our big, heavy furniture. Well, I found what I thought was a local company and gave them a call and arranged for the move. The day of the move I got a hefty dose of reality, as a busted up old Enterprise rental truck, with the faded Enterprise logo still visible on the side, pulled up to our place and two tiny guys jumped out in jeans and t-shirts. A company name and phone number was hand written on the top of the paperwork and the driver asked me to sign to verify receiving a moving pamphlet that he did not have. He couldn't even provide me a business card for the company he worked for. Come to find out, the "local" company I had called was nothing more than a moving broker and my "local" moving company had actually driven from Santa Clarita to our place in Laguna Niguel. There were so many red flags that we had to send these guys on their way...there was no way we could allow them to load up all of our belongings and take off with them!! So, now I have a house full of furniture that needed to be moved and no movers!! Plus, the deadline for being moved out was rapidly approaching. I jumped back online and did another search and found Safe-Way Movers. I called and spoke to Roy. I explained the situation and he actually apologized on behalf of the moving industry for what had happened to us. He assured me that if I trusted his company to move our belongings, they would be sure to make up for the disappointing experience we had with the other company. He checked their schedules, please keep in mind, I was calling him on April 30, and was able to get us a 4 man crew for the very next day! The next day a brand new moving truck, with Safe-Way Moving logos on the side instead of Enterprise Rental Truck logos, came pulling up right on time. The crew were all in company uniforms and looked ready to roll! After a few minutes of explaining what they would be doing and a brief estimate of the time it would take and the subsequent costs, they got to work. These guys were GREAT!! Zack lead the crew and Thomas, Bo and Mauricio got right to work and wrapped, moved and disassembled what needed to be done. Extra props to Mauricio for the awesome job of protecting my wife's curio cabinet. Not a scratch!! To my utter surprise, the guys had everything we planned to move ready and loaded in less than 2 hours, including a few larger items I added at the last minute. Truck was ready to go and we headed to our new place. Incredibly, they unloaded our stuff in less time than it took to load it! And everything was brought into the correct rooms and they set up the items we asked them to. Believe it or not, the entire move, from arrival to departure from our new place, took a little less than 4 hours!!! And the cost was about $400 less than I had figured, which was totally unexpected!! My hat is off to Safe-Way Movers and they have a customer for life! I would give this company the absolute highest recommendation and cannot say enough good things about them. Thank you Roy for not only living up to your promise to me of doing great job, but for reaffirming my faith in the moving industry!!"

Gerald K.

" When in need of a moving company, I hired Safeway Moving and Storage. The men arrived on time and immediately went to work, professionally wrapping all of my furniture. I was leaving a two-story home that required carrying very heavy items down a flight of stairs. They were expert in their abilities and diligent in their resolve, getting everything out of the house and proficiently packed into the moving trucks. I was very impressed with the level of efficiency they exhibited and the time in which they did it. Then we got to the house into which I was moving. I felt bad for them actually; unlike the place I left, it has four flights of stairs. I had just witnessed how much effort it took packing up the old place, and now they had to carry everything up 2- 4 flights of stairs, depending on which floor it needed to be on. When I say, these gentlemen worked hard, were good at it and had positive attitudes the entire time; my words are not portraying enough! In all of my years of doing business with many companies, all-inclusive (not just moving companies), I have never witnessed such level of all-around professional service and with a smile. If you have ever seen a washer, dryer, treadmill, etc., carried up several flights of stairs, you know it is no small feat. And everything arrived unscathed! ...And after all that, they even went the extra mile, doing things that were not required as part of their job description; things that I am forever appreciative of. With five being highest, I could only give them a five-star rating, but they deserve ten! Again, thanks a million guys! If your experience with Safeway Moving and Storage is only half as good as mine, you will still get five-star service!"

Zion P.

" Highly recommend this company. My wife and I were very impressed with their professionalism. Eric, Shane and Mauricio showed up on time, after having given us notice in advance of arrival. The trucks were new and clean. They were friendly, careful, and went out of their way to be helpful. They were polite, and really cared about their work. Would definitely use this company again. Thank you Mike and Company for a job well done."

Eli S.

"These folks are awesome. I needed to move some things from West Hollywood to Anaheim. On time, friendly, efficient, with reasonable pricing!! Not one thing was damaged."

Don W.

"I have moved a number of times before and rate Safe-Way Moving and Storage one of the best moving company with which my wife and I are very satisfied; we have also used big name moving companies before but rate Safe-Way to be better in terms of price, service and care for my stuff.
My recent move a week ago consisted of one day packing and the move the following day. My packers included Matt, Tim and Bryan who worked hard and finished early by one hour. They were courteous and attentive to a number of requests my wife made. My wife was impressed with Bryan who took care of and packed lots of her kitchen stuff and other things.
My move was a local one but I moved from 3-story 3,600 square ft home to a 3200 2-story home and we had lots of stuff. The five movers including Nik (driver), Bryan and Tim showed up with an 18-wheeler and worked diligently for 12 hours till 8 PM. They were able to load and unload the same day. I have lots of books and heavy stuffs to move to the second floor. They pretty much place and arrange the boxes, appliance and furniture to the locations we wanted, which helped and will help our unpacking so easy. My wife and I are so glad that Nik somehow connected one refrigerator back in really a tight spot and installed our washer and dryer on the second floor so that we could use them right away. They were pleasant and hear-working guys and felt genuinely encouraged with snacks my wife served.
I also thank the owner, Mike, who came out all the way to Corona to give a good not-to-exceed estimate and Christina who took my call and acted on it quickly.
I live in Corona but chose Safe-Way because this company has good yelp ratings from so many reviewers. I know now I made a right and good choice and highly recommend Safe-Way Moving Storage. Thanks for reading my review."

Kwang P.

"Safe-Way Moving just moved us this last Saturday, Sept 21, 2013 and it was the easiest, most enjoyable and most comfortable move I have ever experienced. Trust me, I moved a lot. Roy is one of the kindest and most honest people I know. He happily guided us and helped us with everything we needed. He made impossible possible for me and my family. He also gladly helped us greatly with packing and planning! We wouldn't have done it without Roy's help! Roy is one of the most generous people I have met. He has become our angel! Scott and Bo are the strongest movers and incredibly kind human beings. They all treated me and my family like their own family. They worked 8 hours straight without any break and remained energetic, kind, positive and friendly. You will never find any other movers like that. It felt like they were our best friends. The guys worked fast, but very careful and very professional. They did an amazing job! All our belongings are in perfect condition after the move. Safe-Way moving is an excellent example of what the moving company should be. Listen to my advice and only hire Safe-Way moving and you will get the best experience. Guaranteed!!!
Thank you very much Roy, Scott and Bo! I am forever grateful and I will always be your friend! We greatly appreciate all your hard work and dedication! God Bless!"

Irina K.

"I picked Safe-Way based on its Yelp rating for an in-town move. It was a great decision. Roy did our bid--very nice and professional. Zach, Thomas and Mauricio did our packing and move. Nice, personable guys and really hard workers. The only time I saw Zach and Thomas stop was to eat the sandwiches I bought them as I closed up the old house. Even though I had them do more packing than was anticipated in Roy's quote, they came in under budget. The lock on our front-loading washing machine broke because the door as not strapped shut as it was moved. Our move was on Thursday. I had a repair man come on Friday to fix the washing machine and emailed Roy the invoice after business hours. Roy sent a reimbursement check the following Monday. EXCELLENT service. Everything was not perfect (nothing ever is in a move), but it was EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY SERVICE at a FAIR PRICE.
I would recommend Safe-Way to anyone.
Thanks Safe-Way."

Michael Y.

"The team at Safe-Way is amazing! I spoke with both Roy and Mike on the phone and they were extremely helpful, even before I decided to sign them on for my job. I decided after talking with a couple other companies that Safe-Way is the real deal-we are storing a good portion of our household with them as well as having had them do the move itself. The day of the move couldn't have been more smooth-Scott and Mike were assigned to pack up our house. They were courteous, professional, and worked at a fast pace but took the needed time to make sure my belongings were wrapped properly so they would not be damaged in storage. Once at the storage facility, I was even more impressed. The entire team at Safe-Way is courteous and professional. I would recommended them to anyone looking to do a move or anyone in need of storage. Moving can be stressful but they take the stress and hassle out of moving."

Krystal W.

"A friend had used the company and recommended it. We moved on May 17th from Irvine to La Jolla. We had a three person team of Greg, and two men named Eric. They were terrific. They never stopped working, we pleasant and careful and really nice people. They cared about what they were doing. The move was effortless. I highly recommend them."

Alan M.

"I've used movers in the past and I was not looking forward to this move because of my past experience with movers. But these guys were great. They were running about 10 minutes late ( understandable with traffic) and called me to let me know. The movers were pleasant and personable, and worked quickly the entire time. They took good care of my stuff, and especially good care of items passed down by my grandparents. Nothing was broken or scratched. They even asked my neighbor's kids to stop playing in the water so they wouldn't get our new carpets dirty. The prices were very reasonable and no hidden fees like some other companies. We will be moving again in a year or two for business and we will definitely be using Safeway Moving for that move."

Jennifer S.

"We have used this company twice and I really have only positive things to say about them. Zach was the lead guy on both of our moves and he was personable, responsive, careful with our stuff, and organized. His team really muscled for us all day and were patient with my "um, can you move this table slightly to the left?" type questions. I recommend that if they work all day for you, you buy some lunch for them and stock them with water.....they'd never ask, but I know that they appreciated it (even if it was just fast food!). I HIGHLY recommend these guys!!"

Michele S.

"I used this company on 1/6/2012. I can't say enough about how good and professional they were. One of the few local companies that will provide a not to exceed price and on site estimate plus the service was outstanding. These guys were amazing! I moved into a new home with a nautical spiral staircase. How they got my things on the 2nd floor was both unbelievable and mind blowing to watch. They took great care with everything and the move went perfectly. The cost came in way under the estimate and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for such a wonderful job guys. You made this move very easy for me!"

Karen M.

"I could not have asked for a smoother move today! Mike was a pleasure to deal with and the whole operation was extremely professional. Mike confirmed the move date and time with me two days before, which made me feel more at ease during a stressful holiday move. They also kept the cost within the budget they quoted at the start of the job. The only minor glitch was that the movers were running about an hour and a half behind schedule. Mike called to let me know, which I really appreciated so I could continue to plan my day. I needed to have my TV at my new place by a certain time for the cable technician to hook up. Mike assured me that they would make a special trip with my TV just to meet my schedule. Thankfully that didn't happen, as Mauricio and Jonathan were quick and efficient and were able to complete the move in one trip within that timeframe. Each piece of furniture was wrapped in shrink wrap and handled with care. It was refreshing to see how they treated my belongings with such a high standard of care. They also placed a protective carpet where they rolled out furniture to protect the floor. I would definitely recommend Safe-Way to anyone planning a move. Mauricio and Jonathan are worthy of 5 stars."

Kristi K.

"We had 2 moving experiences with Safe-way moving in the San Diego area - one smaller move and one larger move. There was a scheduling glitch with the first move, and as soon as Mike became aware of it he went above and beyond to fix it. To me, the responsiveness of a business when a glitch arises is the best test of customer service, and Safe-way passed with flying colors! The Safe-way movers were efficient, polite, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend working with this company - they know how to treat the customer right!"

Sarah H.

"I am very pleased with all aspects of the service I received from Safe-Way. They were on time, fast, efficient, friendly and professional. Ronnie and Frank were great and they handled my belongings thoughtfully and with care. They were very mindful of "the clock" since I was being charged by the hour. They even had extra boxes for me to use for last minute items I needed to pack. Safe-Way's hourly rate is fair and competitive, too. And there were no hidden or surprise charges. Moving is stressful enough, Safe-Way made it fast and easy."

Darrien M.

"I must say that I am very pleased with the move. The boys Ken and Mike worked so hard and they were very nice to me. I was very nervous about picking a company to move with until Greg came out and gave me an estimate. I felt the warmth of his honesty and I decided to move forward with this company. The boys were just remarkable. I am very pleased."

Martha L.

"I have moved over 25 times. Mike and the crew at Safeway Moving are by far the best in the business. The professionalism started from the initial call to set up the move and continued until the crew left my new house. These guys know what they are doing. They will show up on time as promised and deliver! When you use their services you will be pleasantly surprised by the no hassle down to earth work ethic! Great job Safeway!"

Dan C.

"I could NOT be more pleased with the crew that moved me today. They were the "BOMB", AWESOME, Courteous, Friendly, Helpful, and hustled like crazy! The move went faster that I expected and with NO complications! If I ever move again I would request the same crew! Thank you so much... your company and employees have really impressed me with stellar service!"

Kristy W.

"I had Safeway move my home and my business. Both times were a great experience compared to the 12 other times I have moved. Great customer service. Great movers. No damage. Stuck to their word. No hidden costs. I highly recommend this company."

Greg J.

"I was extremely pleased with the service we received from Safe-Way Moving. They moved us from San Diego, CA to Big Bear Lake, CA. Their estimate was right extra charges. The two men were very hard working and moved at a fast pace. Since we were being charged by the hour I was more than satisfied that we got our monies worth. It was obvious from their actions and care with our belongings that they were very experienced. I believe the driver has around 20 years experience in the moving business. We're planning another move in about a year and I will definitely use Safe-Way again if possible."

Frank C.


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